Our School Values



Our School Values

  • Be respectful

Have respect for yourself and behave in a way that makes you proud. Show respect to those around you and people of other faiths, cultures and beliefs. Treat our school, the local environment and the world in which we live with respect.

  • Be ambitious

Set challenging goals for yourself and try hard to meet them. Dream big and believe in yourself.

  • Be resilient

Understand that things won’t always be easy or work out the first time. Persevere even when the going gets tough and learn from your mistakes. If someone upsets you or you have an issue to overcome, dig deep and find the strength to carry on.

  • Be caring

Consider the feelings of those around you. Be a kind friend to others and be forgiving. Put the needs of the group ahead of your own needs. Look after each other and our world.

  • Be creative

Be an individual. Think your own thoughts and make your own decisions. Believe that all problems can be overcome if you are determined to find an answer. Use your imagination.

  • Be curious

Ask questions and reflect on the answers. Never be afraid to investigate and experiment. Take things apart. Have a go. Read.

  • Be the best that you can be!

In all that we do, we are guided by God.