Be Respectful | Be Ambitious | Be Resilient | Be Caring | Be Creative | Be Curious | Be the best that you can be

About our Curriculum

Our Curriculum


A unique school requires a unique curriculum!  We believe that we have developed a curriculum that equips our pupils with the skills, knowledge and attributes needed to ensure that when they leave us and continue into secondary education and beyond, they are able to go where they want to go, do what they want to do and be the best that they can be.


Our curriculum ensures that during their time with us, our pupils’ learning covers all elements of the National Curriculum in an appropriate way, but we also have provision to teach them so much more.  When designing our curriculum, we began by brainstorming together what we wanted our children to know, or to be, by the end of their seven years with us. Below are our thoughts.


The School’s foundations lie with our Christian belief that everything is embedded in “Love, Truth and Thankfulness” and through consultation with all stakeholders we identified our seven key learning values as follows:

  •  Be respectful
  •  Be ambitious
  •  Be resilient
  •  Be caring
  •  Be creative
  •  Be curious
  •  Be the best that you can be!



These values feature across our curriculum in all subjects.


Next, we assigned the learning in each subject to each class or year group to ensure coverage and progression were thorough and expectations for learning clear. The unusual class organisation at Balcombe School necessitates a cyclical curriculum and the provision of learning across two year groups and in some cases, key stages. To enable children to learn without repetition or omission, a detailed curriculum map has been designed. In Early Years and Key Stage 1, most learning is centred on a key topic or theme. As the children progress through Key Stage 2, strong cross-curricular links are made wherever they exist. However, much of the teaching is subject specific to maintain rigour.


We believe that our curriculum is broad and balanced, covers all statutory elements, is relevant to the needs of our pupils and fosters a lifelong love of learning. Our children are motivated and enthusiastic learners, both in school and at home, achieve high standards and leave us equipped with the skills needed to ensure success both academically and in adult life.