Children's Views on Our School

What do the children say about our school?  We asked the children........

What do you feel is special about Balcombe CE Primary School?

Everybody has a chance to speak; it’s important.

Lessons are well thought out and fun.  Assembly is fun too.

Lots of opportunities.

Because a small school – make friends easily.

Everyone is really nice.


How does our school help you learn about how we should behave and treat others?

Makes us realise it’s not about one person but everyone.

Lots of team activities which helps.

Stick together, work together and all really learn.

Older children read & do sport with younger children.

Doesn’t matter what you are like –everyone gets on together.


Do you feel worship (assembly) is an important part of life in our school? How do you know?

It is an important as teachers get a chance to talk to children and it is done in a fun way. Children also get a

chance to speak.

Do songs and celebration assembly – really enjoy showing work. Everyone gets a chance.

It’s a time the school gets together and learns.

I like the way you can speak on the topics.


How does worship (assembly) help you grow and learn more about how to be a good person?

Stories have a message in them – they help you to remember.

Tells you in a fun way how to be a good person.

Stories can be touching, perhaps about the homeless and this can help you think about donating money.


What do you like best about worship at our school?

Learn what your religion does and how to worship.

You can enjoy worship even if you are not religious.

We show respect to different religions.

It’s fun not boring!

Even if you don’t believe in God it helps you and makes you feel better and you can still enjoy it.


What do you like best about RE lessons at our school?

Don’t just sit – you do an activity.

You get shown things in a fun way.

Not just same thing - there are different ways that you get taught i.e. stories, videos etc.

We debate and talk about what is being read.

We sometimes are told a serious story in a funny way to help us understand.

We discuss what is right.