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Hi all,  

You may already have heard of the company Stikins ( who provide name labels you can stick in / on to almost anything and they won’t fade or wash off.   

FoBS (the PTA) have recently arranged a free sample of five free personalised Stikins name labels for every child in the school.   

If you are interested, there’s nothing more you need to do, however if not, please reply to this email no later than this Friday 11th Feb, stating you’d like to opt out, and your child’s name won’t be submitted to Stikins.   

I’d also like to take this opportunity to remind you that if you ever make a purchase via Stikins, you can quote fundraiser reference 1118 at checkout and your purchase will generate commission for the PTA at no extra cost to yourselves.  

Click on the banner to place an order. 



Buy Stikins Name Labels