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David Paul - Co-opted

Co-opted Governor, Health & Safety Link Governor

My wife and I have lived in the village of Balcombe for over 25 years and have two daughters both long since through their school and university days.  In fact, they were both married in Balcombe Church within the last seven years.


I have worked in the City of London for in excess of forty years, and have been employed in the corporate real estate sector for nearly half of that time.  The train service from Balcombe has allowed me to work in London and yet still live in a strong village community and enjoy the beautiful countryside.  I am now working as a consultant and so have more time to support Balcombe School in whatever way I can.


My wife and one of my daughters are in education, and so I feel that I have some inside knowledge of the system, and the highs and lows of working in the teaching profession.  However, I am very keen to discover for myself how schools reach the high standards of education, whilst creating well-rounded individuals.


I hope to assist in the role of Governor by being involved across different areas of the wider school curriculum, and maintaining a suitable working environment for children and staff to enjoy.